Microsmores Cooker: Does it Work?

By Lauren Keith
During these cold winter days it might be nice to enjoy the typical outdoor fave dessert from the comfort of your own kitchen!  That's at least what Ed and Joye Carter and their boys, Luke and Jake, hope.  They're self-admitted S'mores fanatics, and they told me about this product.
The Carters make S'mores year-round, but they think this Microsmores cooker looks even handier.
"I'll come in here and turn on the oven at 350, get all the stuff out, and it takes more time because you toothpick 'em all together," said Ed.
It's hardly any time to simply place the graham crackers, half a chocolate bar, and one marshmallow into the Microsmores cooker.  Ten seconds later....
"It's pretty good. Tastes just like a S'more done on a cooker," says Luke.
And no mess! Just a few crumbs here...that's it!  This is even after several turns in the microwave.
"I'm surprised it works!  I can't believe it," says Joye.
I'm most surprised this little cooker actually did something.  When you watch the commercial, turns out there really is something to the "plunger," smooshing down the marshmallow...perfectly.
"I was shocked that it worked. There was no mess!" says Joye.
To be sure, we place a plate on top of our next S'more.  Let's see if you really even need this cooker.
Turns out, once again, there's something to the cooker because the chocolate didn't even melt on the plate.
"In fact, we have a a non-smooshed, fallen apart S'more!" laughs Jake.
"That said, I'd think it'd be an A or A minus letter grade," predicts Luke.
Hold on...I'm not ready to hand out an easy 'A,' just yet.  Back at the TV station break room, I decide to place a typical microwave cover or splatter guard on a S'more.
It fully encloses our snack.  My prediction: there's just enough steam or trapped-in heat to make a S'more...minus the cooker.  Let's see.
I find it takes five seconds longer than the Microsmores cooker.  It doesn't stay together as nicely as it does in this little gadget, but food for thought, no doubt.  That's something to keep in mind when you look at the price of the Microsmores... you get two for $20.
"I think the price is a little expensive,  but if you're going to use it everyday then I think it'd pay for itself," says Joye.
Joye says her boys, including her husband, would wear this gadget out.
"It really is neat there IS something to the cooker smooshing down the marshmallow just perfectly, and it doesn't burn the S'mores at all.  No worries!" says Ed.
"The product does what it says it's going to do, bottom line," says Joye.

True...we all don't know why you would need two cookers, and you may find a way to make these on your own in the microwave, but the Microsmores cooker does live up to its promise. It stacks a grade 'B' on this Does it Work test.