Benefit Concert Helps Keep Search for Missing Hunters Alive

By CJ Cassidy
MARSHALL COUNTY, KY - Hundreds gathered to watch a benefit concert in Mayfield Sunday afternoon.
It's part of an effort to keep the search alive for two missing hunters out at Kentucky Lake in Marshall County.
As local bands performed in front of a large audience, listeners said the music helped soothe their spirits following the drowning death of Trevor Williams.
But the thoughts of many others lingered on the search that continues out at Kentucky Lake for Jacob Scott and McKenzie Stanley.
"Everyone's put so much effort into finding them," Randy Heathcott said. His son, Tyler, was the lone survivor in the boat accident.  The four duck hunters ran into trouble on the water when their boat overturned on the tenth of January.
"Physically he's fine, but emotionally it's a roller coaster for him like all of us," Heathcott said of his son.
Like many others at the concert, father and son wiped away tears as they listened to the lyrics, and organizer Jamie Williams hoped the music would move people enough to open up their wallets along with their hearts.
"It really touched me because with everything they had on their minds, the one thing the parents were worried about was how to help the first responders," said Jamie Williams, concert organizer. 
Williams plans on handing over all the donations to families of the missing teens so they could in turn, help keep up the search for their loved ones .
"I think these kids need closure; I think this community needs closure and the families need closure. And if we can do that, I want to do that," she said holding back tears.
Meanwhile Randy Heathcott says he and Tyler are holding tight to the memories of the teens together from happier times, hoping they'll help ease the tough times still ahead of them.
Beside the benefit concert, organizers also sold raffle tickets and t-shirts and held a silent auction.