"Killshot" to open in theaters in Phoenix on Friday

By Heartland News
CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - The long wait for "Killshot" is just about over....sort of.
The film will finally be out in theaters Friday, Jan. 23.  The only problem, the company distributing the film is only releasing it to a few theaters in the Phoenix area.
Parts of "Killshot" were filmed in Cape Girardeau three years ago this month.
Since then the distribution company has announced several release dates, but nothing's happened.
Co-star Thomas Jane once said he thought the film was going straight to DVD.
Heartland News asked a spokesman why the film is being released only in Phoenix.  He didn't know.
Heartland News also asked him what happens to the movie after Phoenix.  He didn't know that, either.  But he did say that in general, companies release movies to test markets and what happens in the test market usually determines where the movie goes after that.