Perry County burglary caught on tape

By CJ Cassidy
PERRY COUNTY, MO (KFVS) - Authorities in Perry County want your help putting an end to several burglaries in the area.
The most recent break-in took place Sunday evening at an auto parts store near Brewer.
"Here's what's left of my door. He kicked the window in," Jeff Moll said showing the damage. Still he hopes to have the last laugh after handing over his surveillance tapes to police.
He shows Heartland News how his cameras caught the alleged crook in action after busting into Race Parts Direct Sunday night.
"We've got a clear, clear picture of the thief, and a clear picture of his face. We got video of everything he took out of here," he said.
Moll points out the suspect made off with thousands of dollars worth of items, despite spending only about two minutes inside the store.
"The thief was just interested in getting parts and cash, and he stole a Tom Tom GPS."
Perry County Sheriff Gary Schaaf says the suspect could be the same man who broke into Krauss Trucking and another auto shop back in October.
He points out both suspects look alike on surveillance video, and he's hopeful someone recognizes the man.
As for Jeff Moll, he's back to business as usual, but he calls the break-in unnerving.
"It's very upsetting. This is my livelihood. It's how I feed my kids," he said.
Moll encourages other business owners to invest in a surveillance system, and says he's counting on his video to pay off.
Authorities advise business owners to make sure their alarm systems are in order if they have any in place.
They also ask you to call the Perry County Sheriff's Office if you have any information you think might help.  That number is 573-547-4576.