Fund established for future water rescues in Kentucky

By Holly Brantley
MAYFIELD, KY (KFVS) - Those who've lost children will tell you there's no pain like it in the world.

Last Tuesday, searchers found Clay Williams's 18-year-old son, Trevor, in the icy water on Kentucky Lake a couple of hundred yards from where his boat overturned.  Williams was hunting along with Tyler Heathcott, Jacob Scott, and Mckenzie Stanley.  Heathcott was rescued.  Scott and Stanley are still missing.

Monday evening, friends, family and volunteers gathered at Mayfield High School for a benefit to raise money for new search equipment.  They've already been able to get a new boat.  Now, that boat will be equiped with sonar equiptment.

"If you have a child or family member who hunts, you would want this," said Clay Williams. "This community is amazing. They'd do anything for you. They want to get this equipment for your family. That way our boys didn't die in vain."

Williams says crews will be on the water searching wth the sonar equipment by Wednesday.

This Sunday, January 25th, there will be a benefit concert to raise money for volunteer workers to buy additional equiptment and supplies for future water rescues at the Mayfield High School at 1:30 p.m.

Any contributions to the fund can be made at any 1st Kentucky Bank, with checks payable to "Love Offerings."