Newborns in Need

Halloween is just around the corner. Some newborns will be trick or treating in style, thanks to a special Heartland organization. Newborns in Need is a group that helps babies in their first weeks of life. Friday, we caught up with volunteers at Saint Francis Medical Center, while they spread some ghoulish cheer.
Paul Vincent Dorman was just born Tuesday, and he's already decked out for Halloween. His mother, Michelle says, "They're good colors for him and he looks really sweet." Little Paul is a rugrat, just one of the tiny costumes made by Newborns in Need volunteers. The Tiny Hearts chapter of Newborns in Need is a charity organization, that serves ten counties in Southeast Missouri. Volunteers provide clothing and blankets to newborn babies and their families. The Halloween costumes are actually part of a trial period. Linda Kollmeyer with the organization says, "We're trying to figure out if we're doing the right sizes, so we're giving out Halloween costumes to make sure we're making things right."
A pumpkin costume fit Alexander Wells just right. Only a few hours old, this is one of the first outfit he's ever worn. And the costumes come even smaller. A pumpkin sweater and matching hat fits a little guy in intensive care. New parents Michelle and Drew Dorman can't get enough of little Paul in his new outfit. They're already making plans for Halloween, and are sure Paul's costume will be a hit. "He's going to have a lot of compliments I think on Halloween," Paul says.
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