YourTurn - 1/19/09

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George Taylor from Wappapello, Missouri:
"I love Mike Smythe's ‘in your face mentality.'  I think society as a whole has forgotten the basic fundamentals in life...this nation has become a nation of greed.  Everyone is trying to keep up with the Jones instead of taking care and appreciating what they have...people have it too good and cry about everything blaming everyone but themselves....if more people would tell it like it is then maybe we would not be in the shape we are in."

Edward Hicks from Poplar Bluff, Missouri:
"Thanks to Holly Brantley (from KFVS12 news) for bringing the publics' attention on the law requiring lead testing on products for children (see links at right) wife and I love yard and garage sales and have helped our kids, grandkids, friends, and neighbors who could not afford anything else to get things...please keep up the good work."

Cathy Hinklin from Patterson, Missouri:
"My granddaughters saw three black puppies under the porch...for someone to drop six week old puppies in the middle of nowhere in the dead of winter is inhumane and wrong...we will do our best to give these pups a home that will care and love them and my animal feed bill will triple."

Dana Betine from Hanaford (Logan) Illinois:
"Mike Shain, congratulations on your retirement. (see link at right) I say that with both happiness and regret. I always looked forward to the news while you were the anchor.  I always loved your quick wit and spontaneous remarks. It made me feel like you are one of us, so down to earth; someone who truly cares for all of us here in the area."

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