Volunteers check on elderly on coldest morning of season

By Crystal Britt
CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - It was some pretty breath-taking temperatures outside Friday.
It was one of the coldest days of the season, and not a bad day to stay indoors.  Volunteers spent the day checking on those who don't handle the cold so well.
The Cape Girardeau Senior Center's Meals on Wheels program provides folks with more than just food.  Volunteers say they make a special effort to always check on those they serve. 
"We check on them all the time," said Louise Wallace. 
They check especially on days when it's bitterly cold outside. 
"(We want to make sure) everybody is warm, their heat's working properly and they're okay," she said.
When Louise Wallace and Ken Wood arrived at one man's home on Luce Street in Cape Girardeau, he didn't answer. They got concerned and tried another door.
A sigh of relief...he's fine.  They went to another home and got no answer there either. So, Louise calls the client.  She later finds out that person is OK too, she just wasn't home.  
Together Louise and Ken have several stops to make.  They get to know the people, and look forward to seeing them. 
"They check on me ever so often...they check on me," said Elmer Perr. 
"I would like to think when I get to an advanced stage maybe somebody will want to check on me too," Ken Wood said. 
Fred Kraft says he appreciates the service.
"It really does help my wife and me both because she's not able to get around too good so it's been a life saver," said Kraft. 
They make another stop at the apartment of Bernice Bramlett.  She's 97 years old and very independent.
"I just bundle up and go on," Bernice said about the cold weather. 
As for Ken and Louise's route on Friday, it's a success.  Everyone is warm and cozy.