Veteran's memorial proposed in Carterville

By Heartland News
CARTERVILLE, IL (KFVS) - A former SIU professor and the current commander of the American Legion in Carterville has come up with a Veteran's Memorial to honor fallen soldiers from the Carterville area.
For the past few years John Yack has been sketching his ideas on paper.   But, where to build the memorial remained up in the area until now.
"I was turned down by a church. The new library they were very nice and they said yes we would accept you.  And I was planning on going there," Yack said.
But, Carterville city leaders came up with an even better location downtown, and John presented them with a finished drawing of the memorial.
"I want this to be stainless steel in the back curved like a cheek.  So the water runs like a tear down the cheek.  And then on a plaque directly underneath the waterfall, we have for those who served but did not return, we shed a tear for their eternal peace," Yack said.
A peace that will encompass all who visit the memorial once it's completed.  It's circular design will allow folks to reflect on those who have given the ultimate sacrifice.
"We'll have their names from World War I, World War II, the Korean War, Granada, and of course the current war in Iraq with Benjamin Smith," he said.
John says this is an opportunity for everyone in the Carterville area to help make this happen.
"We already have a commitment from a local rotary club," he said.  "They have talked about donating a flag pole."
Which John plans to illuminate with a red, white and blue light to capture the patriotic spirit of a veteran's memorial which he says soldiers families will be proud to share with the community.