Local church uses technology to reach across the globe

By Crystal Britt
SIKESTON, MO (KFVS) - The church congregation might be small, but the ministry is huge and growing all thanks to technology.  The Life Church in Sikeston is reaching people across the globe on a weekly basis.  Right now they have the potential of reaching 1.5 billion people through a long distance message produced right in Sikeston, Missouri.
"I really truly believe, I heard the spirit of God say get on radio get on television," said Pastor David Craig. 
From the beginning Pastor David Craig made broadcasting a priority. He says he started in 1983 with just one camera, two lights, one recorder, two stands, a mic, and a mic cord.  Today he has a lot more equipment, help with editing, and a much bigger audience.
"We went from local cable to TCT broadcast in Marion, Illinois.  From there we went national on DirecTV and from there we went international on four major satellites," said Craig. 
So, from the pulpit in Sikeston Pastor Craig's message reaches 170 nations.  That's not bad coming from a church with a weekly attendance of about 120 people.
"Our congregation has been generous to this, they believe in what we're doing because we're a teaching organization. We reach out. They see the value in it," said Craig. 
It's not just TV.
"We're teaching and preaching the word of God on 90.3."
Pastor Craig also does a daily radio broadcast.
"Now we own a 25,000 watt station in Popular Bluff, Missouri. We call it Life Radio," said Craig. 
The broadcast ministries are supported by the congregation through regular tithes and offerings.  Pastor Craig says it's by no means a money maker, but it's something he feels led to continue.
"People are the same where ever you go, they have the same needs, same desires, same test and trials.  So we teach basically the same from the pulpit as we do on the airwaves", said Craig. 
He knows people are watching as the pastor receives regular confirmation from around the globe.
"We get calls and e-mails every week. It's a blessing," said Craig. 
That gives him the encouragement he needs to keep taking his messages to the air.
Pastor Craig is on TV. once a week.  You might have seen him Sunday mornings at 8:00 a.m. He hopes to expand the T.V. ministry in the future with a daily broadcast.

Find out more at www.dcmlifechurch.com.