Shake and Bake Meth Making Spreads in the Heartland

By CJ Cassidy
SCOTT COUNTY, MO (KFVS) - The Shake and Bake method of methamphetamine making continues to gain popularity across the country and here in the Heartland.
Just this week authorities busted three Shake and Bake labs in Scott County alone.
Police say they've done such a good job cracking down on bigger meth labs, crooks are coming up with newer ways to make their illegal drugs.
They say the Shake and Bake method is cheaper and faster and the labs are so compact crooks often take them on the road in vehicles.
Plus, it's no secret the Shake and Bake recipes are posted all over the Internet leaving a lot of room for deadly experiments.
"We've got guns, drugs and money," said Scott County Sheriff Rick Walter pointing to his latest bust.
It's all in a day's work for investigators fighting the war on meth.
Authorities found the Shake and Bake lab inside a cooler, stashed in a wishing well outside a Crowder home.
They're not sure the suspects got what they wished for, but police want to educate you, so you can stay alert.
"People experimenting could burn a house down, burn their neighbors' house down and there are kids almost every time in every residence," Walter said.
Scott County Sheriff Rick Walter calls Shake and Bake meth making the deadliest method of all.
He says it once took days to make the drug.  Now crooks put the ingredients in a single bottle and then shake it up to get their near lethal concoction in just a couple of hours.
"It's crazy to do that because you've got a potential bomb, or a fireball that could erupt in a vehicle," Walter said. 
Investigators say they found baggies of meth stashed away with the lab, along with something else.
"They've got their bondsmen in with their dope. I guess they can call him that's pretty amusing!"
Still neighbors near the suspect's home in Crowder say they are far from amused, and thankful to police for cracking down.
"I've got two little boys of my own.  It's dangerous.  I've heard these things can blow up," Frank Hall said.
"You could stick any one of these things in your body, and it could could kill you," Walter said pointing to the ingredients that go into making meth. "Yet, they mix it in a jar and then stick it in their body."
Bootheel Drug Task Force agents also say they've seen twice as many meth busts this month than in all of last year, and they blame Shake and Bake labs.
If you suspect anyone of operating one of these labs, please call police immediately.