10/09/02 - Measuring Fat

Americans have more on their waistline than they thought. A study out today shows that one in every three adults is obese, and the number of overweight children has risen over 300 percent in past twenty years.
Fast food, bigger sizes and fewer activities are mostly to blame. Almost everyone eats fast food, the problem is, you may not realize how much fat you're eating. A few changes in your eating habits could save you a lot of calories, and a lot of health problems down the road.
If you could see the fat in fast food it would probably change the way you eat. Registered dietician Tricia Friess says, "The lettuce in a taco salad is the healthiest part. With the meat and the cheese and the shell a taco salad is 55 grams of fat." You can find ten grams of fat in a slice of cheese pizza and your typical hamburger. But it can get much worse. There is a way to eat fast food healthy. A plain chicken sandwich has only three grams of fat, compared to a double whopper with cheese that has 65 grams, take mayonnaise out of that sandwich you can save yourself 20 to 25 grams of fat.
Which can save you from adding fat to your waistline. Nurse Debbie Leoni says, "People would say I've only lost five pounds and they would say that's not a lot. Five pounds is significant. They say there's about a mile of blood vessels for every one pound of fat that adds extra stress on your heart and body." The next time before you order fast food, you may also want to consider how much work it will take to burn off those calories. "We usually, average as a guideline, use 100 calories of exercise per mile, so if you're walking a mile you're burning a 100 calories," Leoni says.