Does it Work?: Point 'n' Paint

By Lauren Keith
Point 'n' Paint makes painting a room look simple, but let's see if it's too good to be true inside a local Habitat for Humanity home.  Habitat volunteer Charles Yougerman first uses the mini edger,  and already, it leaves paint on the ceiling and the other wall!  We'll call this a case of us just getting used to the product.  We'll see how it goes.
Next, Habitat Construction manager Terry Juden uses the main Point 'n' Painter, that is, after I give him a pole to attach it to.  Yeah, that pole doesn't come with the kit!
Meantime, Terry hopes this product works so he and his painters don't take up time taping up the edges of the room.
"Something to not go through all of that would be wonderful," said Terry.
Here goes.  Terry glides the Point 'n' Paint across the closet wall....or at least tries to.
"Looks like it wants to go everywhere," he said.
Yup...the swivel head swivels all over the place, taking up more time and creating more of a hassle!
"I'm thinking if we had a brush and a painter, he'd be past this point," said Terry.
"Woops, got a little on the ceiling there," he said trying to get the Point 'n' Painter to work.
Then, when he tries to touch up the white spots, the Point 'n' Paint tool did not cover in the corner, the Point 'n' Paint head falls right off the pole!
"Oops, I think I just broke your tool!" he said.
Good thing we didn't have carpet below----it'd be be painted green now.
"This product wouldn't do me any good," said a frustrated Terry. about me?  I have a little painting experience, but certainly not as much as Terry.  I also find the swivel head is very hard to use.  I also don't like the coverage from the sponge applicator either.  I would prefer a paint roller or brush for better and more even coverage.  
As for the other promises the Point 'n' Paint makes, let's see what we find.  First, it promises no dripping.
"There's a little dripping falling from the head," said Terry.
And we have a mess all over the floor from dripped paint and the trouble we had getting the head to glide over the so-called "No Spill Tray."  That definitely doesn't work. 
The commercial also promises with Point 'n' Paint, you'll "zip around corners."
Um, maybe...but you leave a lot of unpainted areas in the process!  Plus, to "zip around" you have to be really good at manuevering the tool.
Now let's talk price.
I asked Charles: "Would you buy this for $35 to $40?"
"No way!" said Charles.
"I'd give it an 'F,'" said Terry.
I agree--the Point 'n' Paint caused more time and more trouble to use, leaving spots unpainted and costs us a pretty good chunk of money.
Point 'n' Paint: let me point you in the direction of a failing grade 'F' on this Does it Work test.  Also, it took three months for the tool to even arrive!  It was majorly backordered, which was frustrating as well!