Searchers resume looking for two missing duck hunters

By: Carly O'Keefe & AP
MARSHALL COUNTY, KY (KFVS) - A search for two missing young duck hunters has resumed at Kentucky Lake.

Searchers returned Tuesday morning to continue looking for the teens who have been missing since their boat overturned Saturday, killing one of the four aboard.

Marshall County Coroner Mitchell Lee identified the hunter of the  on Monday as 18-year-old Trevor Williams of Mayfield. Lee says Williams' body was found without a life jacket Sunday evening in Little Bear Creek on Kentucky Lake.

One youth survived after he was pulled from the 44-degree water Saturday afternoon.  He remains hospitalized.

A crisis intervention team is at Mayfield High School, where Williams and Heathcott were seniors.


A hunting trip for the group of young men turned disastrous Saturday when their boat began to sink.
"We were notified (Saturday) at roughly 1:00 there was somebody in the water hollering for help," said Chief Carl Curtner of the Marshall County Search and Rescue Squad.
Authorities say the lake was choppy Saturday, a cold wind blew from the north, and the water was only 46 degrees, making for a dangerous combination.
"At that water temperature, hypothermia does start setting in, in a short period of time," Curtner said.
Crews recovered the capsized boat on Saturday, but well into Sunday had still seen no sign of the three missing men.  But the story would have been much worse had it not been for some quick thinking neighbors.  A nearby resident heard shouts for help on the lake and called 911. Then he called another neighbor, Robin Pipkin, for a boat.
"When the water is this low, there's not many boats you can get out. Or most people don't leave them in for the winter," said Pipkin.
Most of the docks on that part of the Kentucky Lake are empty, and Pipkin's boat was on lifts for the winter; but she remembered the folks next door just had their boat out on the water.  Pipkin and another local man borrowed a neighbor's boat and were able to get to the hunter in distress and pull him from the frigid water just in time.   
"He didn't have any clothes on except his undershorts, he'd evidently kicked them all off, they was probably pulling him down.  But he did have his life jacket on," Pipkin said. "He was not really coherent he just wanted to find his buddies and there was no heads above the water."
The hunter was rushed to Marshall County Hospital and is expected to recover.  Meanwhile, rescue crews continue to search for two of his three missing friends.  More than 75 people from six Kentucky counties and the state of Illinois are assisting with the search.  The names of the four Graves County hunters are not being released at this time.
Marshall County Search and Rescue Squad Chief Carl Curtner said he couldn't release the duck hunters' names, but said all were under 21.
Later tonight, the First Christian Church in Mayfield, Kentucky is holding what they call a "Prayer and Healing Service" for friends and families of the teens involved in the boating accident.
The service begins at 7 pm.  The church is located on 111 South Ninth Street.