YourTurn - 1/12/09

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Lisa Bolin from Essex, Missouri:
"Regarding (Mike Smythe's ViewPoint) on the pre-recorded (daily) telephone call (to the elderly) from the sheriff (1/4/09-Are You OK?), I think this should be in every town.  I wish it was in Dexter, Missouri because it might have saved my mother's life.  We lost her on December 20 from a heart attack.  I had been Christmas shopping and didn't find her until about seven o'clock...I hope pre-recorded calls (for the elderly) become part of every (community)."

Willie Stamp from Perryville, Missouri:
"I read where road, bridge, and highway committees in Congress are asking to put an 18.6 cents gasoline tax because people are not driving or buying enough gas to support projects.  Why don't they tax the big oil companies who made billions of dollars in profits last year?  I think it is time for the American people to stand up to Congress and say enough is enough!

Heartland viewer George Williams:
"There is a lot of talk about leaving God out of our lives.  My question is what is next?  Are they going to take ‘In God We Trust' off our money?"

Scottie La Botte from Carrier Mills, Illinois:
"Everyone is talking about how honorable Roland Burris is and how he should be seated.  How honorable is a man who would accept an appointment by a governor who is up on corruption charges for trying to sell that very seat?"

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