Economy forces Recycling Center to Close

By Carly O'Keefe
MT. VERNON, IL (KFVS) - In a troubled economy, everyone's looking to save some green, but that's made "going green" a little tougher in one Heartland community.
For more than five years, the Keep Mt. Vernon/Jefferson County Beautiful (KMVJCB) Recycling Center has kept recyclable materials out of the landfill, but lately things have really started to pile up.
"We don't have anyone to pick it up and as you see, we're full. We can't take anything else," said KMVJCB President Deb Wilson.
The company that picks up the materials from the center and takes them to be recycled recently went out of business.  Filled to the brim with paper, plastic and cans, the center has had to close until organizers can find another company willing to take it all away.
According to Wilson, that won't be easy.  In this economy, there's not a lot of green to be made in the market for recycled materials.
"You would think with the recession where it's cheaper to process recycled materials than it is to make new that there's be more of a call for recyclables, but it isn't working that way," said Wilson.
Wilson says she'll find a way to re-open the center somehow, but for now, recyclables will just have to pile up in Jefferson County homes.
"We have a bit too many cardboard boxes and newspapers and stuff," said recycler Adrian Keher. "We're just hoping the center will re-open before we have to start throwing things out."
Keep Mt. Vernon/Jefferson County Beautiful is a non-profit group.  Deb Wilson says the recycling center has kept going for five years on all volunteer, and she's sure they'll find a way to re-open the center somehow.