Census 2010 massive recruiting effort hits the Heartland

By Kathy Sweeney
If you're looking for work right now, the government is looking for you!
Thousands of workers will be hired across the country as part of a massive recruiting effort for the 2010 census.
Here are the census target recruiting numbers for the Heartland:
Southeast Missouri
Iron - 27
St. Francois - 148
Ste Genevieve - 46
Perry - 47
Reynolds - 20
Madison - 34
Bollinger - 30
Cape Girardeau - 176
Carter - 16
Wayne - 40
Scott - 101
Mississippi - 33
Ripley - 35
Butler - 115
Stoddard - 77
New Madrid - 48
Dunklin - 85
Pemiscot - 54
Western Kentucky
In western Kentucky, they are trying to recruit close to 600 people.
Ballard - 19
Carlisle - 12
Hickman - 12
Fulton - 19
McCracken - 167
Graves - 89
Calloway - 90
Marshall - 80
Lyon - 21
Livingston - 25
Crittenden - 23
Caldwell - 33
According to Muriel Jackson with the U.S. Census Bureau, the recruiting target for central and southern Illinois from Kankakee County south is 6,840.  Available positions within this target will be filled by spring 2009.
These are just target numbers.  In southeast Missouri, about a fourth of the folks will actually be hired.  That's roughly 280 jobs.
Workers will head out in early April, with specially designed handheld computers just a little bigger than the size of a traditional handheld wireless device.  They'll use the computer to verify addresses where all those census forms will be sent out in February of 2010.
So, how do you get a chance at these jobs? You start by calling this toll-free number 866-861-2010.
In order to be considered, you must be 18 years or older, have access to transportation, and pass a test given by the U.S. Census Bureau. 
Dennis Johnson is the regional director of the U.S. Census Bureau, Kansas City region.
He says they will set up testing dates and locations based on the number of people interested.
Testing sites in Cape Girardeau
Cape Career and Technology Center
Thursday, 1/15 at 6pm
Sat. 1/17 at 10am and 1pm
Thurs. 1/22 at 6pm
Sat. 1/24 at 10am and 1pm
Field work will pay between $10 and $15 an hour.  Office jobs will pay between $8 and $10 an hour.
Those who pass the test will be called within a month and notified if they are hired.

For more information on plans for the entire Heartland, head to www.census.gov.