Former car salesman accused of scamming customers

Aaron Alfred Evans
Aaron Alfred Evans
By Crystal Britt
CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - A former car salesman faces charges after he's accused of ripping off clients.  
Police arrested 48-year-old Aaron Evans of Bertrand in Mississippi County.  He's charged with three counts of stealing by deceit for taking money from customers by lying to them about promotional offers at Auffenberg Chrysler in Cape Girardeau.
Cape Girardeau County Prosecuting Attorney Morley Swingle says Auffenberg Chrysler did nothing wrong.  Three local women though are still pretty upset and want their former car salesman to pay up.

"He was very convincing, he's a good liar," said a woman who doesn't want Heartland News to use her name or show her face, but wants everyone to know what happened.

She says she went into Auffenberg Chrysler on October 31st to sign some paperwork on her new car.

"Aaron was like, you know there's this great deal they were running if you could pay four months car payments up front, we'll pay the other eight for you. I was like great."

She says she gave her salesperson, Aaron Evans a check.  She says he called back in a couple days saying she'd won a drawing.  

"He said if you give me $1500 they'll pay off the car.  I'm thinking wow.  I'm gonna get a free car."

That didn't happen.  She says she went to the dealership to complain and told Aaron she wanted her money back.  She says he wrote her a check, but the bank wouldn't cash it.

She saved two voicemails from Aaron back in November.  In one, a man claiming to be Aaron Evans says, "I'll have your money today, okay. As God as my witness these people are going to pay your car off, they are and this is going to be a bad dream."

Cape Girardeau County Prosecuting Attorney Morley Swingle says that woman isn't alone. There are at least two others.

"Another person, he told her if she would pay her down payment up front in cash he would re-fund her if she didn't get financing," Swingle said. "He had no intentions of re-funding it and did not refund it."

According to the probable cause statement, Evans told a detective he took the money he cheated customers out of and used it to gamble in Metropolis, Illinois.

"I still can't believe he thought he could get away with it," one victim said. "That just blows me away that he didn't think someone was going to tell on him."

She says right now she's still out $1500. "I hope I get it back."

Meanwhile, Heartland News is told Evans no longer holds ties to Auffenberg, and it's business as usual at the dealership.

"Auffenberg with their own detective work found out what's going on and reported it to the police," Swingle said. "So, I'd like to stress that Auffenberg did nothing wrong here. They're blameless.  In fact, they're another victim."

General Manager Darrin Garner with Auffenberg Chrysler released a statement saying: "When this situation arose, we immediately contacted and resolved any outstanding customer issues.  All customers that we are aware of, we have handled to the customers satisfaction.  We did report all incidents to the police immediately, as well."

Prosecutors fear there could be more victims out there.  Anyone with information is urged to contact Cape Girardeau Police.