Making the Grade - Jefferson Elementary

Hezeki Smoot
Hezeki Smoot
By Laura Wibbenmeyer
CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - The kindergarten class at Jefferson Elementary may seem like an extra quiet class at first glance, but after a closer look you realize there is actually a lot of communication on inside of the classroom. 
Hezeki Smoot, a kindergartener, has a hearing disability.  Annie Masters, Hezeki's interpreter, is by his side...ready to translate anything and everything. 
In Hezeki's classroom, Masters has some extra hands to help.  Yvonne Campbell is Hezeki's kindergarten teacher and has been using sign language in her class for years. 
This past summer she took extra sign language classes, knowing Hezeki would soon be in her class.  Masters calls this a huge blessing.  Not only is Hezeki absorbing and learning through Masters, but Campbell is also able to communicate directly to him. 
Campbell doesn't only sign when speaking to Hezeki though, she uses sign language constantly. 
Hezeki and his classmates have benefited immensely because of the extra effort Jefferson Elementary has made in all the classrooms. 
Hezeki really gets a sense of normalcy from his teacher, but maybe more importantly from his classmates too and that is why this week Jefferson Elementary is Making the Grade.