Police, family ask for help to solve cold case

By Carly O'Keefe
CARBONDALE, IL (KFVS) - Two years have passed since 21-year-old Falon Taylor was shot and killed while she slept inside her home on Oak Street in Carbondale.  For two years, her mother, Angie Hopkins of Marion, has wondered who pulled the trigger and why.
"It's very frustrating to know that somebody took it upon themselves to take my daughter's life and they're still out celebrating with their family here and we've got a big void," Hopkins said. "Our lives were changed forever."
The past two years have been especially difficult for Falon's two sons, four-year-old Braxton and three-year-old Brennon, two little boys who will never know their mother through anything but pictures.
"It's unfair because they've been cheated," Hopkins said. "They're four and three and they've been forced to accept death and the loss of their mother and deal with it. And at four and three years old, that's when you want your mother the most."
Just knowing Falon's killer is still out there makes each passing day harder for Hopkins.  Her grief has turned to resolve to bring closure to her daughter's death.
"I feel like I won't have peace until justice is served," said Hopkins.
Carbondale Police continue to investigate the crime.  They've followed lead after lead, but need new information from the public.  Without it, the case may remain unsolved.
"There may be someone out there who thinks they have a little piece of this that we don't need, and that might be just the piece that we do need," said Carbondale Police Lt. Paul Echols. "That's why we invite anyone with information on Falon's murder to give us a call."
"I know people don't want to get involved, or they may be fearful, but if you call and are anonymous, it won't put you in danger and you're helping a family and two little boys find peace," Hopkins said.
Carbondale Crime Stoppers is offering a $6000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of Falon Taylor's killer.  If you have any information about this crime, or any other Carbondale cold case, you can report it to police anonymously by calling 618-549-COPS.