Scene from Cape Girardeau in "Killshot" trailer

By Heartland News & AP
CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - The Internet Movie Database has released a new trailer for the movie "Killshot."
A shot of downtown Cape Girardeau can be seen about 1:07 into the trailer.
After many delays, "Killshot" is finally coming to theaters - just not in the town where part of the film was shot.

At least not initially. A spokesman for The Weinstein Co. says the film opens in selected markets on Jan. 23. Cape Girardeau is not among those markets.

The Weinstien Company lists the release date on its website.

The movie starring Thomas Jane, Diane Lane and Mickey Rourke is based on Elmore Leonard's novel about a woman and her husband who are being sought by a hitman. Part of the novel is set in Cape Girardeau. Crews filmed scenes there in January 2006.

Harvey Weinstein told the Los Angeles Times in October that the release of "Killshot" is being timed to take advantage of Academy Award hype for Rourke, who earned critical acclaim for his role in "The Wrestler."

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