Iron Gym: Does it Work?

By Lauren Keith
CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - The Iron Gym promises you can install this pull-up bar "in seconds" and work out a variety of different ways.  Just secure Iron Gym to the door frame and get to it...but Does it Work?
Let's head to Anytime Fitness in Cape Girardeau and check in with personal trainer Shawn Taylor.
"I think I have the wrong screw," said Shawn as we put the Iron Gym together.
So much for that "easy assembly."  It took us 20 minutes or so before we finally figured out where all the screws and other little parts go into place.  As for that so-called "easy installation"...well.....
"My door is too wide!" said Shawn as he lifted the Iron Gym up to the door frame to install it.
After reading the fine print, it turns out, your door frame better be between 24 and 32 inches wide.  We're over that by just two inches. 
"These are the same size doors as in my house!" said Shawn.
He and I are both suprised, but we're not giving up.  So, I decide to take this personal trainer to a different location.  As you can imagine, all of this commotion catches the attention of others working out at Anytime Fitness.  That's when Todd Wallace of Advance told us he, too, tried the Iron Gym in his home.
"My experience with the Iron Gym found it's hard to lock on door facings," Wallace said.  "My trim on the door was a little too wide to get this product to work.  The concept is great.  You put it up, work out, but it doesn't get too wide enough for a guy my height to really work out like I'd like it to."
Hmm.....thanks, Todd.  I'll definitely keep that in mind, but I'm still going to be fair and try a smaller door frame back at the TV station.
"It really does have to do with the door frame," said Shawn. 
He installs the Iron Gym on the station door frame, jumps up and starts doing pull-ups with no problems. 
Now for the second round of commotion.  Meteorologist Brian Alworth took a break from the StormTeam Center to show his stuff, and now we can't get him to stop!  I  think he did about 50 pull-ups! 
Meantime, Shawn's client,  Amy Taylor, also met the challenge.  She shows us how you can use the Iron Gym for push-ups, too, but the tricep dips don't offer much of a workout for her.
So, is the Iron Gym fit for a passing grade after all?
"In my opinion, you can't really stretch your arms out far enough to truly target the lateral muscles," said trainer Shawn Taylor.
"When you stick it up, it wants to slide too much and that could cause an injury," said Todd Wallace of Advance.
"It works somewhat," said Amy Taylor.  "I'd probably give it a grade 'C'."
"It does work, depending on usage and slippage, I'd give it a grade"C," said Shawn Taylor.
"I'd give it a grade 'D' for me," said Todd Wallace.
So that averages out to a C minus for the $30 Iron Gym on this Does it Work test.  I've seen it available for sale at Wal-Mart, Walgreens, Target and some JC Penney locations.