New business in Morehouse offers potential for growth

By: CJ Cassidy
MOREHOUSE, Mo. - Folks in Morehouse expect to see some changes soon.
That's after Buchheit Logistics bought an old warehouse in their town.
The hope is that the business will create new jobs in Morehouse, but most people say they're just excited to see some growth in their community.
"We're working very diligently at bringing life back to a facility that's been empty for a while," said Ron Gjerstad, President of Buchheit Logistics.
He says he doesn't know what the building will house down the road.  Right now though, the former Rowe Manufacturing warehouse offers plenty of storage space for his company.
Gjerstad says when it's up and running it will look like the warehouse they own in Scott City.
So, can people expect to see new jobs in the area?
"It's our hope that will grow and be viable," Gjerstad said.
It's an idea that gives folks in Morehouse some much needed hope for the future of their town.
"There will be a few jobs I'm sure come available for the local people," said Bill Beck.
He has lived in Morehouse for half a century and says this is the worst he's ever seen it.
"It's died. When I first came here, there were 1600 people here, a high school, and a lot of business here in town and the weekends were very busy," he said. "Gradually through the years it went down like all other small towns."
"Not too many people know about Morehouse," said Dan Parker. He owns the only convenience store in town, and says his business suffered when the Rowe furniture company shut down two years ago.
"I lost a considerable amount of business the first three months they were closed down. They employed a lot of people in the area. The traffic's gone down a lot," he said and adds that he hopes business will pick up again in a couple of years.
"We'll have to see what the market brings," Gjerstand said. "We're going through tough economic times so it may take a little while to get that going."
So no plan for any new jobs in the immediate future, but business leaders say the future holds all kinds of possibilities.