Teens accused of vandalism spree

By: Carly O'Keefe
GORHAM, Ill. - A vandalism spree in Jackson County has seven teenagers in hot water.
Two weekends ago, someone broke windows in cars, homes, even city buildngs in the small town of Gorham. That much damage quickly became the talk of the town and led police to a handful of young suspects.
"They had a field day on it," said Carl Clover.  Vandals damaged his truck.
"The truck sits down there every night, and nobody's ever bothered it,"  Clover said. "That was a different story last Sunday night."
The vandals threw rocks, bricks, whatever they could find through all but two windows on Clover's Chevy, breaking the glass but also causing dents and damage to the interior.
"At $4200 the body man stopped adding, he said the truck was totalled," Clover said.

Clover's truck wasn't the only thing targeted.  Other vehicles, homes, a city-owned building and railroad property saw damage during the aparent vandalism spree.  But it didn't take long for police to figure out who was responsible.

"Name lead to name lead to name, and that's ultimately what broke the case," said Deputy Mark Wilson with the Jackson County Sheriff's Department.
According to police, the investigation lead them to five boys and two girls who are now in trouble with the law.
"Basically we were told it resulted from boredom," Wilson said.  "When we talk about juveniles we get into a lot of peer pressure and that was brought up.  And these juveniles admitted that peer pressure was a part of this.  One subject mentioned about 'Hey lets do this' and the others fell in line."
"One lady told me those boys were at a sleepover. It's gonna become an expensive sleep over," Clover said. "They're already old enough to know better.  I guess now they have to pay the price."
The Jackson County state's attorney will decide if the teens will face felony charges.  The vandals will likely have to pay restitution for all the damage they caused.