Advance electrical business expanding to Cape Girardeau

Advance electrical business expanding to Cape Girardeau
By: Heartland News
ADVANCE, Mo. - Another local business prepares for a big move.
Shaefer's Electrical Enclosures, Inc. announced Monday morning they are expanding their 22-year-old business into Cape Girardeau.
"It's just really an exciting opportunity for our employees and our business," said Schaefer's President Mark Diamond. 
The sparks flying at Schaefer Electrical Enclosures in Advance may be more than just on your average Monday.  That's because the 22-year-old business plans a big move from the increasingly tight quarters in Advance to double the space in Cape Girardeau.
"We really believe we can get our process set up the way we want to," Diamond said.  "We can be much more efficient, actually reduce our costs and ultimately have a better product as well."
Schaefer's makes custom enclosures for businesses across the country.
This is considered Schaefer's slow time and the slowing economy has made an impact. But, Diamond says that makes this the best time to move the entire factory.
"We're excited we can actually use some of our employees in the move to keep our costs down and hopefully we'll be in great shape when the economy comes back so we can grow even faster," Diamond said. 
The only real downside to the move, Diamond knows Cape's gain will become Advance's loss, but, his company's doing its best to make the transition as smooth as possible.
"One of the critical things about this building is it's close to Advance," said Diamond. "A company is more than a building so we have to have the employees go with us as well.  So alot of the people who live here wiill continue to be employed with Schaefer's and bring that money back to Advance. So, hopefully a gain to Cape but continuing to help Advance as well."
The company will set up shop on Nash Road in Cape, sharing space with Silgan Plastics and Kio-kyowa.
Mitch Robinson with Cape Girardeau area MAGNET says it took 15 months to find the right location to fit Schaefer's needs.
Diamond hopes the majority of his 130 employees will make the commute to the new Cape location.
Schaefer's will use its Advance building for storage and its painting operation.
Diamond says they hope to be set up at the new location by May 1st.
Shaefer's president Mark Diamond writes in a news release, "Schaefer's Electrical Enclosures, Inc. is a manufacturer of standard and custom sheet metal enclosures. Schaefer's currently has approximately 130 employees at its Advance, Missouri facility. The partners of Schaefer's have started a new real estate company with the name Transformation LLC. Transformation LLC purchased a building at 4860 Nash Road on December 30, 2008 from Moriah Logistics. Over the next several months, Schaefer's will transition its manufacturing operations to the location on Nash Road. Schaefer's will share the building with Silgan Plastics Corporation and BioKyowa, Inc. Schaefer's will utilize the current Advance location for its warehousing operations.

"Schaefer's will expand from roughly 55,000 sq ft of operating space to approximately 105,000 sq ft. Significant square footage will be used to alleviate extremely overcrowded conditions and improve the product and process flow, both in the office and production areas. Schaefer's has invested significantly in new machinery. This location will enable the installation of a new laser-cutting machine, a bi-directional folder, and an expanded powder coating operation.

"Schaefer's' operation is much more than buildings and equipment. Our people are important to us, and we are excited that our new building is less than 20 miles from our current location. When the Nash road extension is complete, there will be a direct, paved route from the warehouse to the manufacturing site. Our employees recognize the importance of the additional space and equipment and are excited about being a part of a growing business."