Police Arrest Man Accused of Dollar General Robbery

Bobby J. Whitis
Bobby J. Whitis

By: Christy Hendricks

PADUCAH, Ky. - A Symsonia man faces a robbery charge after police say he robbed a Dollar General store in Paducah.

Bobby J. Whitis, 37, faces a first-degree robbery.

Employees at the Dollar General store say a man dressed in blue jeans, Carhartt jacket, and camouflage hat came into the store Thursday night a little after 6:30 and demanded money.  Employees say he threatened to use a handgun, but never showed one.

According to Paducah police, nearby Wal-Mart surveillance video shows the suspect running away from Dollar General and into Wal-Mart, using a phone to call a taxi, and leaving in a taxi.

Police found out that person was taken to a bar where Whitis was found matching the description of the suspect.

Police say Whitis admitted to the robbery.  Most of the money was recovered.

Whitis was taken to the McCracken Regional Jail.