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Jennifer Woodruff from Dexter, Missouri:
"A waitress or waiter does not make minimum wage and they have to pay taxes on the food they sell.  People do not know this and believe we make minimum wage.  We are trying to make a living like everyone else.  Please think (about this) when leaving a tip."

Jeff Goforth of Carbondale, Illinois:
"(Mike Smythe's ViewPoint) 12/21/08-Executions paints a rosy picture in saving all that money by eliminating the death penalty...the other side of the coin is what (Smythe) is advocating is to make the killing of a police or correctional officer or non-security staff member free!  Once they are in prison, what penalty can you add for killing a correctional or staff person...before you promote a chance to save money try to research the actual COST.  I am aware of both sides of the issue as a taxpayer, retired police officer, and an employed correctional counselor."

Herman Stein from Ellington, Missouri:
"Regarding the auto bailout, we should take ALL the property of the top management and sell it to the highest bidder...make these management people rent an apartment in a low income housing area, not a million dollar a month apartment.  This will teach them a good lesson for their greed and rip-off of their workers."

Mike Keller of East Prairie, Missouri:
"Governor Blagojevich just doesn't get it.  He was arrested for wrong doing and should be on suspension from his duties...what makes Blagojevich any different than any other citizen?"

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