Does your dog eat better than you?

By: Mike Shain
JACKSON, Mo. - Veterinarians warn that human food is not good for dogs.  That depends on the food.  Miss Autumn's Barkery in Jackson, Missouri produces what it calls "people food for pets."   The people who work at Miss Autumn's eat the dog food in their cafeteria.
Victoria McDowell is company president.  She's developed recipes that combine taste and nutrition.  The turkey and buffalo meat used is free of antibiotics and the vegetables are organically grown.  A meal of Miss Autumn's gives a dog 76 vitamins and minerals.
One customer wrote McDowell saying the food saved her dog's life.  A veterinarian commented that Miss Autumn's is the "Taj Mahal of dog food."  Dogs have a choice of  Turkey and Brown Rice, Turkey and Sweet Potato and a new Buffalo variety.  It's the new top seller.
The company has added another all natural item, snack treats.  Victoria McDowell says, "They're really tasty with a little butter on them."  That's butter for you, not your dog.
Still ahead at Miss Autumn's is a dehydrated dog food to go along with the three stew varieties.  Get ready cat lovers.  McDowell has an all natural and vitamin fortified cat food coming out that just may stretch your cat's lives to past nine.