Scott Edgar Reacts To Contract Buyout

Statement of Scott Edgar about Southeast Missouri State's actions to buy out the first five years of his coaching contract.

"I am extremely disappointed by SEMO's actions to buy out the first five years of my coaching contract".

Since the start of the current NCAA investigation of the University, I have always said that the charges that I knowingly broke NCAA rules are false and that I look forward to returning to coach the men's basketball team to success. 

I have never approached the University about any type of contract buy-out in any way whatsoever, because all I have wanted is the chance to clear my name and then resume working with the players and coaches I care about so much. 

I am extremely disappointed that the SEMO administration does not want to allow me that fair chance through the normal NCAA process. During my time at SEMO, I have been fortunate to make new friends and to enjoy the encouragement  of my Redhawk fans. 

I have particularly enjoyed my time with my players.  I wish them and the current coaching staff the very best.  They are good people who deserve the support of all Redhawk fans.