10/03/02 - 3-D Ultrasounds

Words can't describe the first time you see your baby during an ultrasound. Now,  3-dimensional ultrasounds are making it possible for moms and dads to get an even better look at their little one. 3-D ultrasounds allow doctors to show you a womb with a view. It's good news for parents to be, who want to see their little ones more clearly.
Expectant mother Stephanie Conyers says, "It was amazing in my mind to see what he looks like at 19 weeks pregnant." Even though Joseph Alexander won't come into our world until mid February, his mom, Stephanie gets to look at him in her womb, through 3-D ultrasound. "I could get an image of what he looks like in my head and it seems more real than the first one did," Stephanie says. Obstetrician Dr. Anthony Poole says, "It's a lot different than seeing the old ultrasound pictures we've seen in the past because you can actually see the facial characteristics, you can see what they do, if they put their thumb in their mouth."
3-D ultrasounds are performed nearly the same way as traditional ultrasounds, the baby has to be in the right position to get a good picture. With the push of a button, the ultrasound switches from the traditional 2-D image, to the new, 3-D images. 3-D ultrasounds don't just give parents a clearer picture, but it's possible it can detect any abnormalities. "You can see if there are any abnormalities in the face, head, it would show up better in 3-D than 2-D," Dr. Poole says. He also says 3-D ultrasounds give patients the chance to see babies a whole new way. For moms like Stephanie, the view doesn't get any better. "Everything is perfect," she says.
3-D ultrasounds cost as much as traditional ultrasounds. Talk to your doctor about whether he or she has a machine in their office.