Hostage Speaks After Emotional Standoff

Toby Lacy
Toby Lacy
Mary Goodman
Mary Goodman

By: Holly Brantley

DEXTER, Mo. - A Dexter woman recalls a terrifying afternoon inside her home in Dexter when her half brother took her, her baby, and her boyfriend hostage.
We first heard for the ordeal because the 30-year-old suspect, Toby Lacy, of Dexter called our Heartland News station on Sunday afternoon.
"I'm going to let you know now I'm in Dexter Missouri," Lacy said in a recorded message. "I have three people hostage.  I have a gun.  I have the cops at my door and I will shoot them." Lacy continued: "Plain and simple.  This is no joke.  Call the Stoddard County Sheriff and find out."
Authorities confirmed the details made in the message from Lacy.
"I've known him for a while," said Sheriff Carl Hefner. "He said if I came out to the house he would surrender."
"He told me just to get in the back room," said Mary Goodman. "And if I stayed there no one would get hurt.  I just started crying, waiting to hear gun shots, waiting to see if I had to hide my son."
Goodman's son, Jake, is 17 months old.  She said Lacy forced them along with her boyfriend into the back room of the trailer Sunday afternoon.
"I didn't think he would hurt us," said Goodman. "He can hurt me, but not my son.  I wasn't going to let him hurt my son."
Goodman says Lacy has a hard time controlling his anger, so their mother Belinda Goodman asked him to move out of the home.
"He said he would leave if we called the cops to come and get him.  But, my dad said he wouldn't do that.  So I told my dad to get mom out of the house and I would handle it," said Mary Goodman.
Lacy has been in and out of prison, and Goodman says he wanted to go back.
"That's the way of life he knows," said Goodman.
"Sometime when individuals spend a lot of time in an institution it becomes more comfortable for them.  They get used to that way of life," said Sheriff Carl Hefner.
Once their mother was gone, Goodman said Lacy gathered up the phones and told her to get to the back of the home.  Then, Lacy started making phone calls.
"He told me he wanted to end it all and if it took killing people he would," said Sheriff Hefner.
Hefner said Lacy has never been charged with a violent crime.
"He's unpredictable," said Mary Goodman. "I didn't really think he'd hurt us, but even with a sane person, you just never know.  He's used to life in prison.  He says there's free food, a free bed, and he doesn't have to work unless they make him.  He think it's a great life but I told him it's not."
Lacy held the three for over an hour.
"I was going to sneak out the back door," said Mary. "But I didn't want to take the chance of him getting killed.  I love him.  I didn't want him to die.
Sheriff Hefner eventually spoke with Lacy on the phone. "He said if I came out without the K-9 unit he'd give himself up. That's what he did. We took him in without incident. He came outside as soon as he saw our car 50 yards from the home," Sheriff Hefner said. "Come to find out the gun was a plastic pellet pistol."
"I didn't know if he someone got a gun," said Mary. "I just wasn't going to test it."
Mary said she loves Toby in spite of what he did.  She said it's a difficult situation no matter what happens.  She is happy to be safe but wishes he would have left peacefully without refusing to let her leave the home and without involving the police.
Lacy is charged with Felonious Restraint.  He is behind bars on $12,500 bond.
Meanwhile, Sheriff Carl Hefner says it's not unusual for a suspect to place a call to a news station.  However, he says he's certainly never heard of it happening around this area before.