YourTurn - 12/29/08

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Randall Head from Ironton, Missouri:
"I watched Crystal Britt's story on concealed carry...I was on one of the instructors present (and) serve as Associate Circuit Judge of Iron County.  (I) am honored to be with Point Blank Training.  I commend (KFVS12) and Crystal for the fair and impartial manner in which the concealed carry information was often, the focus is on the gun as being either good or bad when, in reality, it is merely the tool.  The good and the bad come from the individual."

Paul Cook from Puxico, Missouri:
"(Regarding Mike Smythe's ViewPoint on Teen Pregnancy-11/9/08) in 1961 I graduated from Puxico High School in a class of 50, equal between young men and women.  One male classmate was dating a junior and she became pregnant.  They are married today.  I don't know of a student (in) that class who was from a single parent (home)...I catch KFVS12 weather and news most days but have quit watching CBS programming along with your competitors.  I don't like the language, the dress code and the story content (which) promotes illicit sex in most every program."

Ben Eubanks from DuQuoin, Illinois:
"Isn't it amazing how our congress men and women have turned into financial wizards overnight?  Seems like only yesterday all they could think about what giving themselves a pay hike.  Now they know just how many billions it will take of tax payers' cash to help their buddies who gave them campaign contributions."

Kristin Brown from Royalton, Illinois:
"Everybody wants a solution is to bailout the American citizens...we will all be winners.  I bet the American people will not throw a big party spending millions but will use their bailout money for the good of their family."

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