YourTurn - 12/22/08

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Terry Drake from Perryville, Missouri:
"Anheuser Busch layoffs.  What was the first thing In-Bev said, ‘no layoffs'?  Now they announce 1,400 with 70% or better in St. Louis...I am a big Anheuser Busch consumer and love their products.  I will have to make a change.  Buy and support ‘Made in America'."

Nina Vilseck from Wappapello, Missouri:
"I can't believe that I am expected to allot my taxes to bail out three major car makers and then PAY through the nose for a new vehicle... (does) anyone remember when the airlines went into a major slump and how the employees stepped in to save their jobs and the company which included pay and benefit cuts until the airline got back on board?  If your job is really important to you step in and help out."

Dennis Rice from DuQuoin, Illinois:
"The federal government has bailed out Wall about some average citizens for a change?  (How about) people, who due to unforeseen financial difficulties, have defaulted on students loans.  They are victims of our economy.  People who tried to make something of themselves but are having trouble finding work in their chosen field.  The government could write off their loans..."

Aaron Hager from Frohna, Missouri:
"Concerning Governor Blagojevich, everyone keeps saying how surprised they are that someone could be so brazen and corrupt.  The only thing that surprises me is that some politician isn't arrested almost everyday... (Political corruption) has almost become accepted by society."

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