Kids Ask for More Practical Gifts from Santa This Year

Kids Ask for More Practical Gifts from Santa This Year
By: CJ Cassidy

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. - If you think its cold here, just imagine how cold Santa must be all the way at the North Pole!
Speaking of Santa, it's almost time for him to make his annual appearance, but first he must read your letters to find out what you want for Christmas.
Besides toys, children also want a lot of electronics from good Ole St. Nick this year.
But the number of letters youngsters sent off to the North Pole this year are giving Santa's little helpers a reason to worry.
A secret room at the back of the Cape Girardeau Post Office doubles as Jeanne Wilson's workshop.  She's a postal worker who takes on a second job every year around Christmas time.  She signs up as one of Santa's little helpers.
"I decided to become one of Santa's helpers because I see all the joy it brings," she said.
Part of Wilson's job involves sending the letters written to Santa on to the North Pole.
She gets just as much fun out of reading them as jolly Ole St. Nick does.
Wilson worries the economy could be putting a damper on Christmas cheer.
"I hope they are not giving up on Santa," she said.
Many kids seem to want more practical gifts.  They ask for money and gifts for other siblings.
Wilson also finds some youngsters enjoy giving even more than getting.
"They put in little packets of hot chocolate and goodies," she says.
Wilson's also working on sending back some goodies from Santa along with his replies, but she wants kids to know he won't forget them on Christmas Day.
Those who haven't sent a letter to Santa yet, need to make sure they put their name and address on it.  That's because even though Santa has GPS units and can find you easily, the post office still needs an address to send his reply.