Does it Work?: Ziploc Freezer Pump

Does it Work?:  Ziploc Freezer Pump
By: Lauren Keith

Just last year, I featured the Reynolds Handi Vac.  It pretty much did virtually "eliminate freezer burn" as stated on the box and sealed the deal on an 'A minus.'  Now, its competitor, Ziploc, has its own version, but it's a pump.  Many of you want to know: does this one work?
"I buy a lot of things in bulk, so we freeze a lot.  So, I'm anxious to see how it works.  Some things, I've had to throw out," says Jeanna Weatherby, a busy mom in Jackson.
Jeanna Weatherby agrees to keep our meats frozen for six weeks.  We divide up fresh ground beef.  One half goes into store-brand freezer bags.  The other half goes into a Ziploc pump bag.  First, the directions say to press out all air in the bag.  Now, it's time to pump out any remaining.
"Oh! It's working!" says Jeanna using the pump.
The hole in the bag works like a valve, and the pump sucks out that air.  It's even pulling some of the juices from the meat.  However, when we put a pork chop into the Ziploc bag, we can't get the pump to work.
"Oh, that's much better," says Jeanna after we make some adjustments.
So, lesson learned: don't place any item right underneath the valve.  It needs some room to work!
Ok, we mark the date noting we started this freezer test on October 29th.  Six weeks later, I return to Jeanna' kitchen.  Right away, Jeanna and I can already see a difference in color of the meats.  The hamburger in the Ziplog bag on the right looks much fresher.  There are a lot more ice crystals on the chops in the regular freezer bag, but let's get a closer look.
"It's sealed so tight it doesn't want to come out," says Jeanna as she takes the meats out of the bags.
We also notice a drastic difference in color between the hamburger.  The meat in the Ziploc bag looks a lot fresher!
"Probably an 'A'.  I'm going to cook them, and see how they taste," says Jeanna.
Now this update...she says the meat in the Ziploc pump bags was better-tasting than regular freezer bags.
Meantime, if I had to choose between the two, I'd go with the Ziploc Pump. The Reynolds Handi Vac requires batteries, which'll cost you eventually when they run out.  The two sealers both range between $4 and $7, depending where you shop.  The Ziploc Pump stays fresh with     an A plus on this Does it Work test.  You can find it at most grocery stores.  I bought mine at Cape Girardeau Wal-Mart.
Also, my photographer liked it so much he purchased his own Ziploc Pump.  He reports freezing soups in the Ziploc Pump bags and no freeezer burn later when he thawed it out.