Mother Speaks out After Toddler Murdered

Mother Speaks out After Toddler Murdered
By: CJ Cassidy

NEW MADRID COUNTY, Mo. - Disturbing new details come out on the murder of a New Madrid County toddler.
Investigators say the two-year-old child died about two to four hours before a desperate call for help came from the apartment.
You don't have to hear the words to see how distraught Michelle Thompson is at the loss of her baby boy.
"Any homicide is hard but especially hard when it's a little boy like this, a two and a half year old," New Madrid County Coroner Jimmy McSpadden said.
He says little Rashod Lofton died of blunt force trauma to the abdomen.
Now Michelle Thompson's live-in boyfriend, Larry Grant, faces first-degree murder charges.
"He sat there in my house where my kids feel safe and listened to my daughter tell me Luzzy won't wake up," she said.
Thompson called Rashod, Luzzy.  On the day Luzzy lost his life, she remembers taking a nap in the afternoon, and waking up to a nightmare she doesn't believe will ever fade away.
"I jetted in there.  I thought he was ok because his eyes were open," she said. 
Thompson says she called for help, but it was too late.  Her toddler was long gone.
She says Larry Grant moved in after three years of dating long distance while he lived in Michigan.  Now Thompson blames herself for trusting Grant around the loves of her life, her children.
"We had arguments, but he never abused me.  I wish he had," she cried.
Thompson says she doesn't think she can stand to face 41-year-old Grant again, but she has a question she desperately wants answered.
"I want to see him and I want to know why you took my baby."
While she struggles to understand the tragedy herself, Michelle Thompson must also figure out how to tell her three-year-old daughter her brother is gone forever.
We will let you know about funeral arrangements when we have details.
Prosecutors charged 41-year-old Larry Grant with first-degree murder.
Grant remains in the New Madrid County Jail without bond.