Brides, Mother, Families Meet to Discuss Arrest of Wedding Planner

Brides, Mother, Families Meet  to Discuss Arrest of Wedding Planner
By: Holly Brantley
PERRYVILLE, Mo. - A group of brides, mothers, and families gathered in Perryville to discuss how their lives had been affected by the arrest of a well known wedding planner.
"I have to completely start over," said Emily Klemp. "Everything he was going to do, now I have to do."
Klemp is one of dozens of brides left in limbo now that Mike Erzfeld faces charges for stealing someone's credit card and charging more than $1000 in merchandise.  Those who attended the meeting estimated they'd already paid Erzfeld a combined total of about $30,000 up front.
Now, they consider that money all but gone.
"We're trying to figure out how to still have our beautiful weddings," said one mother, Lorna Gibbar.
Some local vendors have offered discounts.  That includes local DJ's and florists.  Some of the girls said they were learning how to arrange flowers and place settings themselves.
One father from Kelson said he'd learned his lesson: "Never pay for service before you see results."
The group plans to stay in touch to help each other any way they can.  Erzfeld's assistant also attended the meeting, offering any information she could.  She did not want to give her name to the media.