Re-Entry Center Sparks Hot Debate

Re-Entry Center Sparks Hot Debate
By: Holly Brantley
NEELYVILLE, Mo. - Will a center for parolees benefit Neelyville?  That was the topic of discussion at a city council meeting Tuesday night.  Though the residential re-entry facility was approved by the council nearly a year ago, many citizens still aren't happy, feeling the whole thing was kept a secret.
Center director Nancy Mosley says the people who will be housed in the center come from a variety of backgrounds.  She has a say in who receives the center's services.  She says the individuals are already coming back to the area, and this way they have an opportunity to get help.
But, people in Neelyville don't want the center so close to their community.
'I am 100 percent against it," one woman told the council. "I understand people can be rehabilitated, but take it out of the community."
The center will be called Cydkam, in memory of the Mosley's daughters lost to drug and alcohol related deaths.  The center is already under construction near Highway 67.
"If they mess up, they are going back to prison," Mosley said as she explained her years of experience at a similar facility in Poplar Bluff.  She says they never had a problem there at that facility located near churches and schools.
"We're staffed 24/7," said Mosley. "We want to give them all the resources we can."
Still, residents felt they didn't know anything about it.  Mayor Larry Woods explained notices were posted at City Hall, and they were in compliance with the laws.
The center will add 15-20 new jobs.  Mosley says she's looking to hire people from Neelyville.