YourTurn - 12/8/08

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Eva Dunn from Marble Hill, Missouri:
"A few years ago MoDot did a study of Highway 34 and found that not one single curve west of Marble Hill was within state limits for safe driving and this is the ‘good' road.  I know that rural areas do not get the funding that cities do but do we have to keep losing our children in Southeast Missouri before MoDot will put a two foot shoulder on these roads?"

Steve Morrison from Fredericktown, Missouri:
"I think the government is going backwards with the bailout.  If every taxpaying household would receive a $50,000 stimulus check, credit card companies, banks and auto manufacturers would get their help when we pay off mortgages, credit cards, buy homes and cars.  It's time to try the trickle up theory."

Heartland viewer Randy Franklin:
"If auto companies asking for (bailouts) would, in conjunction with banks, HELP people get the cars they need, more cars would be sold and there would be less need for them to ask for (financial) help."

Scott Heeb from Sikeston, Missouri:
"Regarding the (KFVS12) news report about cheating during exams...parents have the ultimate responsibility what children do.  I am a divorced parent and have two children...both my ex-wife and I continue to instill the importance of being a great citizen and being responsible for your actions.  ALL PARENTS need to get a grip and get involved in your children's lives."

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