Getting the Pink Slip: Part One

Getting the Pink Slip: Part One
By: CJ Cassidy

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. - Hundreds of people have lost their jobs around the Heartland this year, but getting back on track is an entirely different story altogether.
Turns out many people aren't sure what to do after they get that dreaded pink slip.
Lisa Nager's been collecting unemployment for several months.
"They give me about a hundred dollars a week.  That just keeps me going, but it doesn't really pay any of my expenses or bills, and I have major bills," she said.
That's why Nager's been spending most of her time at the Missouri Career Center inside the Marquette in Cape Girardeau.
"I get online everyday and look for work.  They help me.  I'm on a first name basis with a lot of these people here.  They fax out resumes for me," Nager said.
"Some days we've been seeing double the people since the layoffs started," said Ashleigh Hope with the Missouri Career Center.  She tries to live up to her last name, and helps folks like Nager.
Statewide there's been a 25 percent increase in people using career centers and Hope says that's a reflection of the shaky job market.
"Once they file their unemployment they are told they have to register with the local career center," she said.
Before you head there though, Hope suggests filing your unemployment claim online, or on the phone.
As Lisa Nager points out, that will keep you going until you hit pay dirt.
"Without unemployment benefits I wouldn't think I would be able to even make it," she said.