Local Businessman Accused of Charging More Than $1100 on Another's Credit Card

Michael Erzfeld
Michael Erzfeld

Local Businessman Accused of Charging More Than $1100 on Another's Credit Card
By: Heartland News

JACKSON, Mo. - Police arrested a local businessman accused of doing business with someone else's credit card.
Michael Erzfeld is known as a wedding planner, a realtor, or a mortgage broker.
The 40-year-old Jackson man faces a single felony count.  He's accused of stealing another man's credit card number, then using it to buy more than $1100 worth of California wine with it.
Cape Girardeau County deputies arrested Erzfeld the day before Thanksgiving.  He remained in jail Wednesday on $5000 cash only bond.
The victim, Neil Conrad of Jackson, says he still can't believe what happened.
"I never figured something like that would ever happen to me in Jackson, Missouri," Conrad said. 
It's bad enough to have your identity stolen, but for Jackson appraiser Neil Conrad the news went from bad to worse.  First, his credit card company called...
"They advised me that someone placed a large charge on it, around $1300."
According to police, someone used Conrad's card number last month to make a purchase from a California winery.  Since Conrad's bank did not hold him responsible for the purchase, he thought the case was closed.  Then, he got a second call.
"This call came from Fed Ex asking if I had received my package," Conrad said. 
Cape County authorities say that unknown California delivery came to Deerfield Lodge.  The Fed Ex driver found a man in a blue truck, waiting for the package.  He signed for it and gave his cell phone number.  Police tracked that number to Mike Erzfeld, a local realtor and mortgage broker, a man Neil Conrad's done business with.
"I had taken a realty class with him," Conrad said. 
And that's not the only time Erzfeld's name came up.  According to police, the Fed Ex driver became suspicious, and wrote down that blue truck's plate number.  It also came back to Erzfeld.
"Fed Ex said it was a 41 lb package delivered to Jackson in my name.  Maybe someone was shipping drugs or who knows what to this area," Conrad said. 
Police found wine, not drugs, in the box, 36 bottles of Chardonnay to be exact, valued at more than $1100. Now, Conrad's left wondering how he became a victim and why.
"It bothers me especially in this community," Conrad said. "It's a small community and you wouldn't expect something like this."
Heartland News tried to reach Mike Erzfeld's attorney or a family member for comment, but didn't get through to anyone.
Erzfeld will be back in court on December 23rd.