KFVS Engineers to Install New Digital Antenna

KFVS Engineers to Install New Digital Antenna
By: Heartland News
CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. - You could call it out with the old in with the new here at KFVS12.
Tuesday workers removed a 90 foot section of the station's antenna that weighed 16,000 pounds.  It was a long process as they had to slowly lower the section to the ground.
In 1964, the antenna was a tallest structure in the world at 2000 feet tall.
The tower is 8.5 miles north of Cape Girardeau near Oriole, Missouri (GPS Coordinate: 37° 25' 46" N, 89° 30' 14" W).
It will be replaced in the next few days with a 76 foot new antenna that will transmit our channel 12 analog signal until we switch it to our channel 12 digital signal on Feb. 17th.

The workers are getting the station ready for the Big Switch on February 17, 2009.

With the new antenna the total height should be slightly higher than 1,700 feet.  Factoring in the elevated location, it stands 2,000 above average terrain. At this moment, there is also a side mounted channel 12 analog antenna that we're using until the new one top-mounted one is installed.  There is also a side mounted channel 57 digital antenna that we're using for our digital signal until we switch the digital signal to the new channel 12 antenna in Feb.  Finally, our STL (studio-transmitter link) receiving dish is also mounted much lower on the tower.  No other 3rd party antennas are mounted.