Big Happie Hair Bumpit: Does it Work?

Big Happie Hair Bumpit: Does it Work?
By: Lauren Keith

POPLAR BLUFF, Mo. - Big Happie Hair Bumpit inserts are made by a California online company.  I only heard about it through a group of Poplar Bluff, MO teachers who volunteered to "try it before you buy it".
"I saw it on TV and I think a lot of celebrities wear their hair this way," says teacher Courtney Grable.
It does seem more and more women are pulling their hair back with a slight "pouf" on top in the center. So, is there just a lot of teasing and back-combing going on, or is the secret in this little tool called a Bumpit? Teacher Courtney Grable suspects even Alaska governor Sara Palin wears a Bumpit. 
"I think she has the brunette one!" says Grable.
We don't know for sure, but we do know this Does it Work test is causing some commotion at the Poplar Bluff Kindergarten Center.  So, let's get our hands on this hot little new product.
"I have extremely thick hair," says Courtney.
It doesn't take any back-combing at all for Courtney to pop in the Bumpit.  We can't even see it, even when she wears her hair down and when it's clipped back on the sides.  Still, will this really stay in place?
"It's in there, " says Courtney vigourously shaking her head. 
Pretty surprising, but does it work on curly hair?  Teacher Sheila Henderson's in line next.  We select the lighter shade of Bumpit for her blonde hair.  We notice she already has a lot of natural volume with her pretty curly locks, so I help her put it in.
"It's a big bump. It might be too big!" she says after inserting the Bumpit.
We're getting some thumbs up for the class though, and the Bump-it passes yet another head-shake test.
"Overall, I like it.  It gives height in back.  I don't think it's going to fall out," says Sheila.
Before this styling tool aces the Does it Work test, I want to know if it can give fine tresses..."big happie hair" as spelled on the box.  So, let's bump it up! 
"Anytime I try to pull my hair up with a clip, it will not stay. The clip will fall out!" says teacher Sheila Ursery.
Ursery's lovely, fine locks are perfect for our test.  I decide to help her out.  After all, we can tell on fine locks, two hands are better than one.  We also follow the directions and do a lot of back-combing and use hair spray to help the Bumpit grab onto Sheila's fine hair.
Still, it's not wanting to stay in place, and Sheila's not liking the added volume.
"It's overwhelming! A little too big!" she says.
We know kids are honest, and they're laughing.  She's a good sport.  Then, Courtney...Miss "Happie Hair" herself here...tries....still no luck, even when we clip it into place.
"I need a lot of hair product to use this, and I didn't like the way it looked on me.  I wouldn't use it," Mrs. Henderson says.
Still, the other teachers would.
"I give it an 'A'.  It's secure and not going anywhere.  It's easy to use," said Courtney Grable.
"I'd probably give it an 'A."
"I'd give it a 'D.'
Oh boy...some mixed results. So..

Ladies with fine hair need not apply, but it appears thick hair as well as curly locks can achieve "big happie hair."  I'll meet in the middle and bump it up to a B minus for the online only $14 Big Happie Hair Bumpit.  You can buy it at