Couple buys 'new' 16-year old tires; 'Driving on Danger' follow-up

Couple buys 'new' 16-year old tires; 'Driving on Danger' follow-up
By: Holly Brantley
EAST PRAIRIE, Mo. -- After watching our series "Driving on Danger" an East Prairie, Missouri family contacted Heartland News with quite a tale of their own.  They say they bought 16-year old tires they thought were new from a local seller.  They wanted to share their ordeal to re-enforce how important it is to know the age of your tires.
"I thought I was buying brand new tires," said Danny Bell of East Prairie.
Little did he know the real age.  He bought them in Sikeston in March of 2007.
Two months later, Bell says the family got a rude awakening.
"The next thing I know I hear a big bang and we were on the side of the road," said Bell.
"We all got out of the car and the tire had blown out," his wife Phyllis remembers.
As a result of the accident, the Celica's air bag deployed, leaving Phyllis with some minor injuries.
Bell took the tires back to the business to find out why one of his new tires blew out after just two months.  He also filed a report with the Better Business Bureau.  Eventually the business replaced them, and had Bell contact their insurance company for further damages.  In the process, Bell was asked to send the tires back to the Michelin company for further damages.
Their response may have cleared up what caused the accident. "In addition the tire was manufactured during the first week of 1991," Bell reads. "And, they were over 16-years old at the time of the accident."
"Practically antique," Bell said.
"They shouldn't even be sold," said Phyllis.
After watching "Driving on Danger" they wanted to share their story. They stress folks need to have their tire retailer double check the DOT number on the tires.
We chose not to name the retailer because they weren't able to contact them for comment. Local dealers tell us the instance is rare, but remember to check the DOT number. Ask your seller or maintenance expert for help.