9/19/02 - Cause for Out-of-Body Experiences?

We've all heard of people having out of body experiences, but there are different theories on what causes them to happen. Now, a new study reports a place in your brain is the source.
Heartland neurologist Dr. Basit Chaudhari says he isn't surprised what the study found, adding that out of body experiences are the mind somewhat playing tricks on itself.
"This experience has transformed some of the lives of people who didn't believe things they started to believe," Dr. Chaudhari says. Dr. Chaudhari says to people who have out of body experiences, they are very real. "I have never been surprised that the brain, with all it's capacities, with billions of neurons working all the time, they couldn't explain this phenomena."
Dr. Chaudhari says a misfiring in the brain, is a vital part of why some people may have out of body, or near death experiences. "This is an area where things may be happening, touch, balance, seeing, perception of our body." The angular gyrus acts as a meeting place for all those senses.
Dr. Chaudhari says when there's irritation in that area, or if a person doesn't get enough blood to their brain, it can cause those experiences to happen. Even though the study was only done on one woman, Dr. Chaudhari says it acts like a format to look back on in the future. "People have deja vu that is they are at places they have been before and there's a familiarity and when things go wrong there are misperceptions." The study done on out of body experiences can be found in the journal Nature .