YourTurn - 12/1/08

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Barry Bean from Peach Orchard, Missouri:
"I am glad Mike Smythe discovered the community or locally owned bank (11/16/08-Bank Fees).  I personally wouldn't bank anywhere else.  If I have a problem...I want to talk to someone face to face and not some faceless operator...if more people used a locally owned banks, shopped at locally owned grocery stores, and steered clear of the big box stores we would all be better off."

Pamela Brown from Marble Hill, Missouri:
"...almost every time the news people refer to our President, it is with the disrespect of saying, Mr. Bush not President Bush.  He is our President today and should be referred to as President...KFVS12 should set an example and NOT show how to be entirely disrespectful...Mike Smythe probably won't be able to get to the delete button fast enough to ZAP this email.  If (he) is honest with (himself) he knows I am correct with my observation."

Heartland viewer Sue Howard:
"I believe the auto industry bailout is throwing good money after bad...let it go like the Studebaker, wood heat, and oil lamps."

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