Widow Agrees to Settlement in Marion VA Suit

Widow Agrees to Settlement in Marion VA Suit
By: Heartland News
MARION, Ill. - An attorney for a widow says she agreed to a $975,000 settlement in the August 2007 death of her husband at the Marion VA Medical Center.
Robert Shank, 50, died a day after having gall bladder surgery at the VA Medical Center in Marion.
Katrina Shank's lawsuit alleges the government failed to sufficiently check the background of her husband's surgeon, Dr. Jose Veizaga-Mendez, before hiring him in January 2006.
Veizaga-Mendez resigned three days after Robert Shank's death, and major surgeries were halted there.
Veizaga-Mendez wasn't a defendant in the lawsuit.
That doctor is also the same physician in question with other deaths at the Marion VA.