YourTurn - 11/24/08

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Amy Smith from Bernie, Missouri:
"(Regarding Mike Smythe's ViewPoint on Teen Pregnancy 11/9/08-Teen Pregnancy) I am a mother of three and the very thought of one of my girls facing pregnancy before graduating from high school sends chills down my spine...parents are so busy with their everyday lives that they don't even stop to pay one bit of attention to their kids.  I never even thought about boys or sex because I know what my Dad would have done to me which will be the exact same thing I will do to mine.  I am not a LAZY parent."

John Nimmo from Jonesboro, Illinois:
"While I am not always in agreement with Mike Smythe's ViewPoint, I do appreciate the is the freedom of expression and diversity that makes our country so great!  While the teenage pregnancy issue is only a part of our sometimes ‘loose' society, one cannot deny the depravity of network television and its evolution to include sex, vulgarity, violence, and sensationalism in the effort to maintain viewership...we are free to turn off the television and we are doing so more and more."

D. Parks from Jackson, Missouri:
"(Regarding daylight savings) What do you say that we just move the clock thirty minutes and leave it alone...we do this to ourselves twice a year, for what?  I've had enough, if you need an anniversary date to check the batteries in your smoke detector use your birthday."

Barbara Gray from Wappapello, Missouri:
"(Do) female newscasters ever look at the color of their lipstick?  The color is too dark and is not an all attractive."

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