Heartland Man Charged in Home Invasion

A family in Ava, Illinois say they're lucky to be alive after they had to fight for their lives during a home invasion.
The Harrison family had just settled in for the night when a former boyfriend of one of a girl who lives in the house pulled up into their front yard. "He was screaming where's my son, where's my son? And he shoved me all the way back up to my house and I told the kids to lock the doors," says Dorris Harrison.
But the locks on the families doors couldn't hold out 25 year old David Shockley. Harrison says he broke through their front door and began beating them with a heavy duty flashlight. "He took that and hit her and I raised my hands to grab him and keep him from knocking Cassie out and that's when he swung on me," said Harrison. She now has 17 stitches in her head where she says Harrison hit her as she fought him off of her family. "He went on a rampage through my house knocking out windows, doors and screaming."
Police caught up to Shockley Tuesday afternoon at his mother's house in Perry County. Shockley is facing criminal charges in both Perry County and Jackson County, his bond has been set at $65,000.00 dollars. For now the Harrison family is staying somewhere safe until they're sure that nothing like this will happen to them again. "Providing he doesn't get out on bond, because I know he'll kill my daughter and my grand-child. I don't feel safe around him if he gets out on bond," said Harrison.