8/12/02 - Husband's Cancer Support is a Cut Above

We've heard story after story of families helping women make it through breast cancer, we've found one husband who's support is a cut above. On April 16th, 31 year-old Dawn Whitworth found out she had breast cancer. The cancer wasn't a surprise, it runs in her family. The surprise was that the young mom got it so early. Another surprises how her husband decided to show his support!

Dwayne Whitworth says, "She had the long brown hair, she was always afraid she was going to lose her hair and lose her breast and be less of a woman." Dawn Whitworth and her husband both had full heads of hair, but when Dawn lost hers from chemotherapy treatment, Dwayne decided he'd do something to make her feel better--he shaved his own head. "I have a great support team with my husband, family, and friends," Dawn says. That included the support from their two little girls, Savannah just turned six, Donna is four. A young family, that's had to deal with so much already. Dawn first suspected something a year ago after a mammogram. "I didn't feel the lump go away and the changes started. I thought it was fibroid cysts and I left them alone and then you could see it," Dawn says. So she went back to the doctor, and he told her it was cancer. Dawn didn't think about herself, she could only think about her two girls. "My biggest fear when I found out was my children," Dawn says. "I didn't want them to get it." A very real risk, since genetics is a major factor in breast cancer! "I have an aunt that gave up after one chemo treatment and she couldn't handle it, " Dawn says. "I don't want to die. I want my kids to have a mom." Dawn isn't giving up. Dawn says, "You can lose your life if you don't check yourself. If you check yourself and find something and if you don't feel comfortable go to a doctor and see what they have to say. It's not worth losing your life."

Dawn still has three more treatments of chemotherapy, and will have to go through five to six weeks of radiation.